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Het logo en de beeldtaal van het Spoorwegmuseum
Het logo en de beeldtaal van het Spoorwegmuseum

Step on board and discover

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At the Spoorwegmuseum, young and old alike can discover how railways changed the world. This interactive museum shows the link between the railways and society. This connection is clear in the new brand identity.

The challenge

The Spoorwegmuseum is always on the move. Every year, it holds various exhibitions, events and campaigns to attract the attention of a broad audience. As strength lies in recognition, it was important to create a consistent brand experience and identity.

Our role

We gathered input from a range of stakeholders and visitors. We drew on this to identify ambitions and challenges and we developed an unambiguous brand compass on which to base the new brand identity. The brand identity forms a clear design system for all exhibitions, corporate expressions and campaigns.

Het logo van het Spoorwegmuseum
Logo impressie van het Spoorweg Museum.
Grafische afbeelding in de branding van het Spoorweg Museum.
Stoomtrein de Arend

Discovery central

You go to the Spoorwegmuseum to make discoveries. We have brought the journey of discovery to life by literally creating an opening on to the railway experience. The logo is made up of two half-circles and a half-moon and are a recognisable form within a visual language.

Posters in de huisstijl van het Spoorweg museum.
Entreeticket van het spoorwegmuseum.
Twee kinderen kijken een treinwagon in.

The tastes of the railway

There’s a long history of eating and drinking on the train. Think of the luxury dining cars of times past, as well as lukewarm croquettes in vending machines. We developed the complete campaign for the exhibition ‘Tosti’s Truffels Treinen’ (Toasties, Truffles, Trains). We did this to give a face to the tastes of the railway. You could see the characters developed by Today throughout the exhibition. Both in the museum and online.

Keyvisual van de Tosti's Truffels Treinen campagne van het Spoorwegmuseum.
Video over de tentoonstelling Tosti’s Truffels Treinen.
Visual van een kroket uit de Tosti's Truffels Treinen campagnevideo.
Campagne abri voor de expositie Tosti’s Truffels Treinen.
Tosti's Truffels Treinen Spoorwegmuseum Instagram story
Tosti's Truffels Treinen Spoorwegmuseum Instagram story-2
Tosti's Truffels Treinen Spoorwegmuseum Instagram story 3

Post Train Expedition

The Spoorwegmuseum told the story of transporting post by train in its exhibition Expeditie Posttrein (Post Train Expedition). How used letters to reach their destination? We used illustrations to bring the campaign to life.

Keyvisual van de tentoonstelling Expeditie Posttrein.
Expeditie Posttrein Spoorwegmuseum Instagram story 1
Expeditie Posttrein Spoorwegmuseum Instagram story 2
Expeditie Posttrein Spoorwegmuseum Instagram story 3
Abri voor de tentoonstelling Expeditie Posttrein in de stad.
Signing bewegwijzering tijdens de opening van de expositie Expeditie Posttrein.
Grafische afbeelding met het beeldmerk voor de tentoonstelling Expeditie Posttrein.
"We embarked on a brand strategy journey with Together that resulted in a new visual identity. An inspiring and really fun project to do together."
Marleen Schlichting | Marketing Spoorwegmuseum
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