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We are going for B Corp!

Robbert Smit | Social annual report | 3 minute read
We can make the world a better place. We're convinced of it. And we've got it in writing. From this year on our articles of association state that we are actively committed to the world around us in our work and business operations. This is why we're on a journey to become a B-Corp-certified organisation. It feels great. It is great.

How can we make more positive impact?

We asked our colleagues this question in 2022 as we embark upon an Employer Value Proposition (EVP) journey. This proved to be a good move. The team came up with a clear direction for the agency becoming even more involved with organisations working the make the world a better place. In concrete terms, we put impactful projects on the map. Free of charge in exchange for creative freedom. This is how we came to help The Present Movement with a complete rebranding. An association which connects entrepreneurs with initiatives aimed at improving the lives of refugees. And we belong to ‘The Present 100’. A contribution to grow the platform further. We’re looking forward to embarking upon a social project in 2023 too. We call these our ‘Bright Projects’.

Funding Bright projects

To fund our ‘Bright Projects’, we invest 1% of our turnover in social-return projects. This is written on every quotation we make. This way our clients know that they are making indirect contributions to good initiatives. And this gives us the time and money to work on unpaid projects the make the world a little better. Twice as bright!

Express yourself

We are building Today together. Which is why we ask all our colleagues what we could do to improve. In the way we do business. In the personal development arena. In order to grow. We continually improve our transparency and great culture through various employee satisfaction surveys.

Communication with obstacles

We create communication tools that tell the stories that matter. This is why we specialise in making communication accessible. We want our amazing resources to be suitable for everyone. Young and old. Able-bodied and disabled. We are happy to share our knowledge about accessibility. This is why Joyce and Nina can offer an ‘Accessibility’ (WCAG 2.1) course to our clients. We join forces to make text and image as inclusive and web-accessible as possible.

Conscious choices

Lunch at Today is 100% vegetarian. We also buy in healthy products, which we source locally as far as we can. We regularly cook each other healthy meals like soups and salads.

Today is on the move

We spend a lot of time working on our Macbooks. You could say it’s par for the course. But we keep it healthy. To help everyone combat the curse of a sedentary lifestyle – and ensure adequate exercise and relaxation – we invited a wellbeing expert to give us three work floor sessions. A daily walk, standing at your desk or even stretching your arms in the air – a bit of care for your posture goes a long way!

A bright future starts Today

Positive experiences in the work field are crucial for your future career. Today is happy to help students and professionals on their way. We increasingly share our knowledge with the outside world. We present inspiring cases to MBO and HBO students. We want to show how design can contribute to sustainability and inclusivity. That is why we welcomed up-and-coming talent from Media College Amersfoort (ROC) to the office this year, and Louanne gave a guest lecture at HAN University of Applied Sciences to 75 students. Share the Brightness!


2 x a year we offer a standard internship to MBO and HBO students.


1 x a year we offer reintegration or a springboard for young talent, in the form a 3-month learning and work placement.

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We want to show how design can contribute to sustainability and inclusivity.
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