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Today gives form to sustainable, vital areas.

Wouter Friso | Design | 2 minute read
Sigra connects 120 organisations with 130,000 healthcare and welfare professionals. They are committed to the sustainable welfare of 1.8 million inhabitants of the Amsterdam, Diemen, Amstelveen, Zaanstreek-Waterland and Noord-Holland Noord areas. Today was just a ‘part’ of this partnership. We were called in to clarify Sigra’s brand strategy and develop its brand identity.

Sigra brings different forces together by connecting organisations and professionals to offer sustainable healthcare and welfare solutions. People are central to this approach and the goal is to create vital areas. The essence of the brand is ‘We’re only strong together’. Its newly formulated key values are connection, strengthening and renewal.

Strong logo

Sigra’s old logo was no longer fit for purpose. After learning about our agency and hearing our pitch, Sigra chose Today to bring about change. We used the current situation as the starting point for a testing framework and translated it into a fitting form.

The result was a new logo giving visual form to the way the different parties work together. Working with Sigra appeals to parties both large and small. The logo represents the synergies created when mutual strengths and knowledge are brought together. The rounded, organic shapes create an approachable and reliable look.

Accessible visual language

We derived an accessible design language from the logo which we used as a system to develop numerous communication tools both online and offline. This ensured a broad and consistent brand experience with everything ultimately contained within a clear brand identity manual.

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