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Digihulplijn: new number, new look

Bob Derksen | Branding | 2 minute read
By 2021, almost everything had gone digital: video calling, internet banking, online shopping ... This was why Digihulplijn was set up. It provides answers to questions about digital services free of charge. Today developed this 0800 number’s complete identity.

The Ministry of General Affairs commissioned Today to develop the identity of the Digihulplijn. Previously, there were various numbers belonging to various organisations that people could call with their ‘digital’ questions. This made services fragmented and difficult to locate. The new 0800 number, the Digihulplijn is going to change that.

Clear and unambiguous

Today helped develop the brand identity, visual language, various online and offline tools, mailings, a banner set and web design, and supervised the photography. The assignment was to make communications clear and unambiguous. After all, the Digihulplijn is aimed at people of all educational levels. Statistically speaking, more people with a lower level of education struggle with their digital skills.

For all digital questions

The call line is a central number that people can ring free of charge with all their questions about working with digital devices. They can ask whatever they want: what they’d like advice about or where they’re encountering difficulties. This could be about video calling, but also about downloading apps, or ordering groceries online. Behind the call line are reputable organisations including the BZK, SeniorWeb, the Ouderenfonds and the libraries.

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