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Lachende jongen en meisje staan tussen twee pijlen
Lachende jongen en meisje staan tussen twee pijlen

First aid for finding the right studies

Studiekeuze 123
  • Brand identity
  • Visual design
  • Web design
  • Photography
  • Campaign
  • Online communication

Studiekeuze123 is the official website for providing school pupils with guidance for their future studies. The site is a Ministry of Education, Culture and Science initiative in collaboration with students and educational institutions. Since the rebranding, traffic to has gone up by 48% with more than 2 million visitors making their way to the website every year.

The challenge

Design determines a large part of how a target audience experiences a brand. Young people often only give your brand a single chance. Today was asked to ensure that the new Studiekeuze123 website would answer the needs of prospective students, their parents, deans and other educators.

Our role

We explored a number of design concepts based on the strategic repositioning. After presenting these to the target audience, we went on to optimise one concept. The design is fresh, sassy and clear, favouring user experience on the platform.

Het logo van Studiekeuze 123
Een mockup van de mobiele website
Portret van een jongen die op de grond zit
Portret van een meisje met
Portret van meisje die op
Mockup van de desktop weergave van de Studiekeuze website
Mockup van de website zoals deze op Tablets wordt weergegeven

Focus on tools

The website contains various tools to help students choose what study. These include a step-by-step plan, an aptitude test and an open-day calendar. We created a recognisable image representing the content of each tool. We also took care of the photography for Studiekeuze123. Prospective students, parents, deans and other educators are the face of the website.

Drieluik informatiefolder
Studiekeuze 123 billboard bij een trambaan
Abri met daarin een Studiekeuze 123 poster

Studiekeuze123 is a foundation set up by students, the higher education sector and the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science to collect and share study guidance. All its employees have their own illustrated portrait on the website.

"The visual materials delivered were completely in line with our target audience and wishes. A usability test among prospective students confirmed this view."
Gert-Jan Bos | Head of Communications at Studiekeuze123
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