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Een licht roze achtergrond, met een afbeelding van een blauw oog er over heen.
Een licht roze achtergrond, met aan de linkerkant de tekst: be part of the solution en aan de rechterkant een afbeelding van een blauw oog.

European movement against infectious diseases

  • Brand strategy
  • Brand identity
  • Visual language
  • Web design
  • Brand manual
  • Brand movie
  • Communication

Ecraid the first academic network in the world to research (emerging) infectious diseases. European countries work collaboratively within this network, so that faster action can be taken when infectious diseases become a threat to public health.

The challenge

Today was awarded the challenging job of introducing this new network as a brand. At the same time, there had to be room within the brand for the recognisability of individual research projects. Ultimately, Ecraid needed to be quality mark for clinical research into infectious diseases.

Our role

Our challenge was to develop the branding within a complex playing field so that it would fit the academic world and industry. What emerged from the brand strategy was that Ecraid positioned itself as a movement of dedicated researchers at ‘the centre of excellence’. We set to work translating this into a compelling brand identity reflecting the ambitions of a pan-European research network.

Wide shot van een onderzoeker die achter een microscoop zit.
Close-up shot van een apparaat dat analyses uitvoert.
De brandmovie voor Ecraid
Bord voor Ecraid op een conferentie.
Magazine spread met daarin een infographic over virus activiteit
Het Ecraid logo

Moving blobs

Because Ecraid is a new movement where people are key, Today created four moving shapes which we call blobs. Each blob consists of two parts with the larger part to the front and the smaller one behind. The larger shape can be filled with colour, or else with an image or video. Functional but above all human.

Opbouw van de Ecraid blobs uit de huisstijl.
Animatie van een slider op de Ecraid website.
Magazine spread waarop alle locaties van Ecraid kantoren weergegeven worden.
Telefoon waarop de mobiele Ecraid website te zien is.

Online overview

Grand ambitions have been translated into an accessible web design. On the website, the network can present a clear view of which studies and projects are ongoing and which have achieved results.

Screenshot van de desktop versie van de Ecraid website.
Ecraid banner voor online communicatie
Screenshot van de mobiele weergave van de Ecraid website.
“Today's strength is the combination of creativity and strategic thinking. We've now got a solid foundation for the visual identity, on which we can build further.”
Claire-Marie Martis | Sr. Communications Manager UMC Utrecht
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