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Tram 22 campaign

A cross-media advertising campaign by the Province of Utrecht to draw the city’s attention to the advent of this new tram. This was why we engaged an enthusiastic tram ambassador. She set up all sorts of fun activities so everyone would know about the test drives for improving safety.

The greater the relevance, fun and impact of the advertising campaign, the more actively the target audience will seek it out and set things in motion.

Robots love music campaign

Many music robots from across the world were put on display at the Museum Speelklok. You could see and hear both the oldest and newest music robots in the exhibition. We developed a striking campaign and visual language for this unique exhibition.

DIY mask

We worked with a real violinist to bring the robot mask to life with a strong campaign image. The campaign-mask image was subsequently translated into a child-friendly, craft version to make at home. We also used the mask for activation in and around the museum in shop displays and guerrilla dance performances in old town Utrecht.

Always on campaign U-OV

U-OV is the brand name of Utrecht’s bus and tram transport. We developed various campaigns for it that run throughout the year. They are approachable and recognisable for everyone, and the communications tie in with things people do every day. They include themes like sustainability, tips & tricks on public transport, dilemmas and relevant promotions.

Working with Today

More than anything, working with Today means collaborating with Today. We are convinced that it’s by complementing one another that we can get the best results. We engage in ambitious and committed relationships with our clients with characteristically short lines of communication. Our clients give us an average rating of 8.28. We have numbered among the Netherlands’ top 3 agencies for the last 4 years (Fonk150 study).

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